Metal Jig

Bali Metal Jig produce handmade artificial fishing lures of Metal Jig and Metal Spin for wholesale and retail, full hologram coated and phosphor that makes glow in the dark (GID) even in the depth sea water or with various of 3D eyes.

Bali Metal Jig is hand-made products of fishing lures, spins and jigs, that was created with patience and full of art. Bali Metal jig was created by an expert and cmbined with art also has highly experienced in fishing.

Begins with simple tools in the garage, we made some jigs and test them when fishing with some friends. Our products are much attracting the fish in the water even deep sea water with good action and meet with the anglers need.

Step by step we enhanced our jigs production and sold to a local bait shops and unexpectedly we got much demand. Now we develope our product into various lures: Jigs and spins and were ordered not only by local costumers but also throughout Indonesia and even overseas.

Our Product Features:

- uncut full sticker coated
- the phosphor (GID) glows spontaneously when put in the dark place (brighter after you put flashlight)
- Round hook hanger: more flexible to hook, hard to get out from the body although was slammed to the rock many time and pretty look
- Hard to be scratched
- Choice of 3D eyes or hologram sticker eyes


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Metal Jig
Metal Spin